Past meeting: Transport Group- Friday 16th March, 14.00, City Hall (CR3)

Mark Peckham from Cambustion presented some recent data recorded using their fast response emissions analyzers from on-board a variety of vehicles.  The data from TfL’s “West London” route shows the impact of urban driving and the accurate position of pollution “hot spots” caused by speed bumps, harsh accelerations, engine warm-up and general sub-optimal engine operation.  A comparison is made between various ages of vehicles and their NOx polluting characteristics.

A second presentation was ‘Shipping emissions in the London Context’.  Aether presented on their recent work for the Port of London Authority, which informed the Authority’s first draft air quality strategy.  The work involved the development of a “port wide” shipping emissions inventory and on-board vessel emission testing.

Finally, there was a short presentation on some current policy initiatives from the GLA.

Please use the links below to download material from the meeting:

APRIL Transport group minutes 16-03-18

Supporting the PLA, Aether

Transient RDE gaseous emissions, Cambustion

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