Past meeting: Transport Group, 15:00 – 17:00, Wednesday 4th July

City Hall, Committee Room 5

As requested at the last meeting of the Transport Group this session  focused on Electric Vehicles (EVs) and EV infrastructure.

The meeting started with an update from Oliver Lord (Deputy Air Quality Manager, GLA) on current GLA thinking and policy around EV charging followed by:


Sujith Kollamthodi (Ricardo Energy & Environment),Creating a dense public charging network in Brighton to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles 

Ricardo – Dense charging network for Brighton_04-07-18

Brighton is well positioned to play a leading role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as Brighton’s local politicians, across the political spectrum, have supported the “greening” of the city and sustainable mobility strategies. However, a significant proportion of households in Brighton do not have access to off-street parking, which means that consumers interested in purchasing electric vehicles would not have ready access to nearby residential charging.  Brighton is also keen to accelerate the deployment of electric taxis in the city, but sufficient and well-positioned rapid charging infrastructure is required to support this transition.  This project identified suitable locations for installing large numbers of on-street residential and destination charge points as well as identifying locations for introducing DC rapid charging infrastructure to support electric taxis. The analysis into account the locations where the next tranche of EV purchasers are likely to live, the most appropriate locations for taxi charging, and importantly locations in Brighton where there is sufficient local electricity grid capacity to install charge points without the need for investing in costly grid reinforcement.


Sara de la Serna (SSE), London EV charging infrastructure: an SSE perspective

SSE- London EV charging infrastructure an SSE perspective

This presentation explores SSE activity in the EV sector, through the deployment of public charging infrastructure (Source London) and charging infrastructure at bus depots, and how it makes a positive contribution to the city’s air quality issues


Jack Lewis Wilkinson (UK Power Networks), Celine Cluzel & Tristan Dodson (Element Energy) Recharge the Future interim findings:  EV charging behaviour and impact on load growth

UK Power Networks- Recharge the Future- Interim Findings

Recharge the Future aims to model EV load growth, and assess the impacts that this load growth will have on the need to reinforce UKPN’s distribution networks. The project has analysed the latest trial data and carried out an in depth study of EV charging behaviour. This has enabled the team to develop one of the most advanced EV forecasting tools in the world; which is able to model the complex geospatial variance of EV uptake & charging behaviour. This presentation will summarise the findings so far, namely: the charger use study & the results from the load forecasting model.

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