Past meeting: indoor air quality, Monday 13 May

Monday 13  May,  16.00 – 18.00, City Hall, Committee Room 3

This is the first APRIL meeting addressing indoor air pollution- a topic of increasing interest. After an introduction from the GLA on their work in this area we shall address three aspects. The first by Nicola Carslaw considers indoor sources including domestic uses of products emitting VOCs, drawing on work in an EU wide network in this field. This is followed by Mike Holland on the health impacts of indoor air pollution, drawing on his work with the Royal College of Physicians. To conclude we have Jim Mills talking about building ventilation and links between outdoor air pollution and indoor air quality. We hope you will be able to attend, noting that this meeting is slightly later than usual from 4pm to 6pm.

1)Agnieszka Griffin ( Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, Greater London Authority) on work the GLA has done on indoor air quality.

Slides available here

2) Nicola Carslaw (University of York) – INDAIRPOLLNET: a new coordinated European research effort on indoor air quality

Slides available here

3) Mike Holland (EMRC) – The economics of indoor air quality

Slides available here

4) Jim Mills (Air Monitors Ltd) – Air Quality Outside-In?

Slides available here


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