Meeting of the Health and Exposure Group, Thursday 23 April 2020

For the first time APRIL was hosted virtually, we had over 90 attendees and received positive feedback so will definitely look at hosting more online sessions in the future.

  • James Levine from University of Birmingham will overview of the latest understanding of the science surrounding the impacts of vegetation on urban air quality and introduce the Green Infrastructure for Roadside Air Quality (GI4RAQ) Platform.  Developed at the University of Birmingham in partnership with the Greater London Authority and Transport for London, amongst others, this freely-available, web-based and open-source Platform will be the first software enabling users to: estimate quantitatively the site-specific impacts of ‘GI4RAQ’ due to changes in the dispersion of road transport pollution close to source:Green Infrastructure For Roadside Air Quality
  • Tilly Collins from Imperial College London will present: Shape Matters. How can we design urban green elements to reduce particulate matter in high pollution areas? Interdisciplinary collaborations are needed to translate what we may already know into effective green infrastructure that can mitigate people’s exposure to particulate matter.  Working with designers, modelers and botanists can bring many benefits in multiple dimensions: Shape Matters
  • Andrew Grieve from King’s College London shared about Canairy, a new app that measures workplace exposure of outdoor workers across many different sectors, including construction: Canairy, The pollution app for outdoor workers



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