APRIL meeting: Manchester Special, Tuesday 23rd November 2021 – Virtual Meeting

During this “Manchester special” we heard from four academics at the University of Manchester about their research, which is highly relevant to the work we do in London. This was followed by a discussion about how different cities and regions in the UK and better share knowledge and collaborate on air pollution research.

Prof Sheena Cruickshank presented on the value of working in partnership with communities to understand needs and develop action plans and the way for example we have partnered with communities to learn about allergy and asthma and how community lead data is informing our fundamental research into how pollutants impact immune cell function and inflammation

Dr James Allen presented on OSCA intensives at the NERC supersites – These are periods of enhanced observations in Manchester, Birmingham and London in Summer 2021 and Winter 2021 designed to address a range of current scientific questions concerning urban air quality

Prof Martie Van tongeren presented on a recent study evaluating the effects of poor air quality on children’s health and cognitive development.

Prof Hugh Coe presented on research in atmospheric composition, focusing on the role of atmospheric particulate in air quality and climate processes.  His talk will focus on policy focused air quality research in Manchester and interactions with local authorities in the Greater Manchester region.

Email APRIL_network@london.gov.uk to sign up for the meeting.

The meeting will be held online at 2pm on the 23rd November 2021


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