Past meeting: Non-exhaust emissions, 10.00- 12.00, Tuesday 30th October

City Hall, Committee Room 3

This meeting focused on the hugely important topic of non- exhaust emissions.

The meeting will started with an update from Adam Moody (Transport for London) on current TfL understanding and approach to modelling non- exhaust. This was then followed by presentations from:

APRIL 30-10-18 TfL

Professor Roy Harrison (University of Birmingham) spoke on the topic of “Field measurement and data analysis approaches to estimating non-exhaust emissions from road traffic.”

Daniel Wakeling (Ricardo) will spoke on the topic of “The contribution of brake wear emissions to particulate matter in ambient air”. Daniel also discussed how non-exhaust traffic emissions are covered in the in the Nation Atmospheric Emission Inventory (NAEI).

APRIL 30-10-18 Ricardo


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