APRIL Meeting of the Transport Group, Tuesday 17th May – Virtual Meeting

The APRIL network met virtually on Thursday 17th May 2022.

Topics discussed included:

Zahrah Ali & Taryn Ferguson, GLA – London’s pathway to net zero transport & upcoming London-wide ULEZ consultation

The Path to Net Zero Road Transport -Daniel Mehlig, PhD student at Imperial College London – The government has outlined a pathway to a net zero fleet of road transport vehicles, but how could this shift effect air quality? This presentation explores how the shift towards electric vehicles, alongside the UK’s decarbonising electricity system, could affect air quality between 2020 and 2050 across the UK, and highlights the pros and cons of these technologies to achieve desirable air quality.

London’s route to zero emission buses – Jane Wright, TFL-This presentation will cover Transport for London’s zero emission bus fleet targets and the technology trials underway to help identify the best solutions for getting the fleet to 100% zero emissions.

Islington People Friendly Streets – Jo Heatherington & Aya Collins, London Borough of Islington –Islington’s approach to Low Emission Neighbourhoods & School Streets


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